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Open tracks

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25 Cross-country Villabassa/Dobbiaco - Pustertaler Marathon
ustertaler Marathonloipe Ausgangs: Bahnhof Niederdorf 1154m, Unterführung Land. Genossenschaft Endpunkt: Grenze Gemeindegebiet Toblach Länge 3 km ...
The slope is prepared
Length: 2.7 km
Altitude: 56 m
Place: Villabassa / Niederdorf
05 Cross Country Stadio FISI - Saskia
Demanding round-trip tours starting at the cross-country stadium in Dobbiaco, often used as training tracks by various national cross-country teams ...
Length: 5.3 km
Place: Dobbiaco
16 Gasthaus zum Klaus - Sesto
Shaded cross-country trail along the Rio di Sesto river to the market town of San Candido.
Length: 3.1 km
Altitude: 40 m
Place: Sesto
35 Circle Ferrara/Schmieden
simple circle at Ferrara di Braies/Schmieden in a winter wonderland.
Length: 1.9 km
Place: Braies Valley
32 Cross-country Pustertaler Marathon from Villabassa to Braies
Cross-country Pustertaler Marathon - Villabassa/Braies  Magnificent sunny cross-country trail into the Valle di Braies valley with views of the Picco ...
Length: 4.4 km
Altitude: 61 m
Place: Villabassa / Niederdorf
06 Connection Lake of Dobbiaco variant
A fantastic experience of nature through the winter-wood at the south side of the Lake of Dobbiaco. This variant is needed to connect the east bank ...
Length: 0.4 km
Altitude: 2 m
Place: Dobbiaco
21 Circuito Waldheim
Circuito Waldheim (Nr. 21) 1,7 km
Length: 1.7 km
Altitude: 44 m
Place: Sesto
Cross-country Pustertaler Skimarathon /
Past Gustav  Mahler's summer residence and the wildlife park to the magnificent cross-country trail into the Valle di Braies.
Length: 5.4 km
Altitude: 60 m
Place: Villabassa / Niederdorf
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The indicated total sum of km of the individual areas is composed of the km of all cross-country ski runs listed hereunder.Due to round tracks and ski run overlappings some double-counting might occur, whereby the total sum of km will increase.
Those runs which are prepared for skating or classic cross-country skiing, won´t be double-counted.