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Open tracks

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15 Innichen/San Candido Hotel Brandl - Vierschach/Versciaco  

The slope is prepared
Length: 3.0 km
Altitude: 21 m
Place: San Candido
description to arrive at destination

You can reach Innichen / San Candido easily by train, by bus or by car. Please contact the Tourist Info Innichen / San Candido to get information about timetables and free parking areas nearby the cross-country slopes.

General description

Sunny cross-country trail along the Drava to the Austrian border, flat trail, ideal for beginners. You can continue to Lienz (44 km) and return to San Candido by train; open only if there is enough snow!

Tourist Info Innichen / San Candido
Piazza del Magistrato 1 39038-San Candido
Phone: +39 0474 913149
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