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Open tracks

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18a SEXTEN - Piano Val Fiscalina - Fondo Valle  

Length: 1.6 km
Altitude: 72 m
Place: Sexten/Sesto
General description

Sesto has turned many a head with its unique mountain backdrop. It is important, however, not to assume that this village is all about appearances - otherwise you would miss out on a lot! There are plenty of winter landscapes to explore here in every conceivable way: skiing or snowboarding in the Sesto Dolomites - Alta Pusteria ski resort, sledging, cross-country skiing, snow shoe walks, horse-drawn sledge rides or simoly walking. Winter is never boring here! Piano Val Fiscalina - Fondo Valle: Magnificent cross-country trail in the romantic Val Fiscalina valley with views of the Sesto sundial.

description to arrive at destination

From Piano Val Fiscalina to Fondo Valle

Tourist Office from Sexten/Sesto
Via Dolomiti 45 39030-Sexten/Sesto
Phone: +39 0474 710310
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