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Open tracks

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11 Dobbiaco/Toblach: Round Val Fonda  

Length: 2.1 km
Place: Dobbiaco
Route description

The cross country track starts from Carbonin and goes into the Val Fonda Valley.

description to arrive at destination

How to reach Dobbiaco/Toblach: https://www.drei-zinnen.info/en/dobbiaco/dobbiaco/contact-and-service/arrival-mobility.html

From Dobbiaco in southern direction and further on to Carbonin/Schluderbach.

General description

This is a very quiet trail amidst untouched nature!               

Tourist Info Dobbiaco/Toblach
Via Dolomiti 3 39034-Dobbiaco/Toblach
Phone: +39 0474 972132
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