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Open tracks

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13 San Candido/Innichen chairlift Haunold/Baranci - direction Toblach/Dobbiaco (forest)  

The slope is prepared
Length: 2.9 km
Altitude: 45 m
Place: San Candido/Innichen
General description

This cross-country skiing trail is a very easy route which does not require any great effort. There are two routes leading to Dobbiaco: through the woods or across the fields. The same applies to the return route. What is especially interesting when you arrive in Dobbiaco is that you can ski as far as the Nordic Arena cross-country ski centre.

description to arrive at destination

You can reach Innichen / San Candido easily by train, by bus or by car. Please contact the Tourist Info Innichen / San Candido to get information about timetables and free parking areas nearby the cross-country slopes.

Route description

It is best to park your car at the valley station of the Haunold chairlift or travel there by bus. The prepared cross-country skiing trail begins right from the car park. Then keep going westwards, past the source of the Drava (Drau) river and on as far as Dobbiaco.

Tourist Info Innichen / San Candido
Piazza del Magistrato 1 39038-San Candido
Phone: +39 0474 913149
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