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HERE you can find the official website of Alta Val Pusteria in Osttirol!


Length: 25.6 km
Altitude: 270 m
Place: Kartitsch / Obertilliach / Untertilliach

35 km to Wacht

General description

The Grenzland slope takes its name from the setting – being close to the borders for Italy, Carinthia and South Tirol, and is one of the loveliest and most variety-packed slopes in Tirol. It connects the towns of Kartitsch, Obertilliach, Untertilliach, Maria Luggau and St. Lorenzen/Wiese and proceeds for the most part in the valley floor next to the Gail. Starting in the west (Hollbruck) this unique panorama slope heads to Kartitsch and climbs from there to the Kartitscher Sattel (1525 m). This is the highest point of the romantic Grenzland slope. Descending slightly across open pastureland and snow-covered woodlands, passing Schöntal and Leitnertal, to Obertilliach. Here it is left up to you as to whether you want to climb a bit and enjoy a break in the town of Obertilliach or if you want to continue descending, initially via open pastures and then into the valley which narrows, down to Untertilliach. In sections the slopes offers several areas to stop for refreshments which means that the duration and length of the excursion is left up to each individual to decide, according to their ability level. The slope outline in the map is the standard route, this may however be subject to change, depending on the snow and weather conditions.

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