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Dolomiti Nordicski Cross-country fee 2023/2024

More than900 km of tracks with a single ski pass

sales ponts
on the tracks (controller)
Daily ticket:
Valid for one day, only in the expressly marked zone..
€ 10,00-13,00
€ 15,00 
Weekly ticket:
Valid for 7 days and for the cross country tracks in the marked zone.
€ 50,00
€ 60,00 
Season ticket:
Valid for the entire period of the season and for the indicated zone of the Dolomiti
NordicSki area.
€ 120,00
Weekly ticket Dolomiti NordicSki:
Valid for 7 days and for the whole Dolomiti NordicSki area
€ 60,00 € 70,00 
Season ticket Dolomiti Nordicski:
Valid for the entire period of the season and for the whole
Dolomiti Nordicski area

€ 140,00   

0 - 13,9 years: free 
Pre-seasonal sale price until the 08.12.2024, -10€

Where do I buy my ticket?
(purchase is available from December 2024)

ON site
All tickets (daily, weekly and season tickets for the areas and the entire Dolomiti NordicSki carousel) can be purchased on site at tourist offices and official points of sale (with surcharge on the slopes).

Daily and weekly tickets for the areas are also available in some areas for online purchase. More information can be found on the area dedicated page.

Good to know:
There will be no compensation in the event of service interruptions of any kind. We are
unable to guarantee that all slopes will be accessible. 

The daily, weekly and season tickets are the property of Dolomiti NordicSki.

All Dolomiti NordicSki areas.

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