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Cross-country Ski Schools and Ski Rental in Cortina – Dolomites

Improve your technique!

Trust the professionals of the ski schools and ski rentals.

Cross-country Ski Schools

crosscountry-skiing-in-cortina-credits-bandion-it-10 Ski school Fondo Cortina Dolomiti

Località Fiames 5
+39 0436 862001
+39 331737757

Morotto Rental
Alessandro in hisnew location at Rental Morotto, in Fiames, is professional, experienced and friendly. At Morotto Rental you can hire cross country skis and all the gear for all the different styles of Nordic skiing. You can also find snowshoes (webs) and trekking poles to enjoy a stroll around the beautiful Dolomites and even sledges for hire.
The store also provide storage, ski waxing and gear repairs.

Loc. Fiames
+39 0436 862201
+39 333 7016586