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Safe cross-country skiing in the Dolomites

Safety tips & Rules

Please adhere to the following safety tips and rules for your own safety and those of other guests:
  1. A cross-country skier must behave in such a way that he does not endanger or prejudice others.
  2. Respect for signs, direction and running style: Trail marking signs must be respected on any trail marked with an indicated direction. A skier shall proceed only in that indicated direction and ski in the indicated running style.
  3. On cross-country trails with more than one prepared track, a skier should choose the right-hand track. Skiers in groups must keep in the right track behind each other. With free running style, skiers shall keep to their right-hand side of the trail.
  4. A skier is permitted to overtake and pass another skier to the left or to the right. The skier ahead should allow a faster skier to pass whenever this is possible.
  5. A cross-country skier shall always adapt his speed to his personal ability and to the prevailing terrain and visibility. Every skier should keep a safe distance from the skiers ahead.
  6. Cross-country skiers meeting while skiing in opposite directions shall keep to their right. A descending skier has priority.
  7. A cross-country skier shall make the utmost effort to keep his poles close to his body whenever near another skier.
  8. A skier who stops must leave the trail. In case of a fall, he shall clear the trail without delay.
  9. In case of an accident, every skier is duty bound to assist.
  10. Every skier and witness, whether a responsible party or not, must exchange names and addresses following an accident.
  11. Outside the opening times the use of the slopes is not allowed.
  12. Use of the cross-country trails at own risk.
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