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Safe nordic skiing in the Dolomites

Respect other skiers: Please always ensure that you don’t endanger or cause injury to others.

Observe signs and notices: Pay attention to the signs; only ski in the designated direction and with the prescribed technique.

Stay right: On double or multiple tracks, stay in the rightmost track. Members of groups ski one after the other in the right track. The same applies to skating.

Overtaking: Overtaking is permitted left or right in a free track or outside the track. If safely possible, the skier at the front should give way.

Speed and distance: Adjust your speed according to your ability, the terrain, number of visitors and visibility. Keep a sufficient distance from the skier ahead of you.

Oncoming traffic: Swerve to the right. In single-track uphill/downhill sections, downhill skiers have priority.

Use of poles: When overtaking, being overtaken and during encounters, keep the poles close to the body.

Keeping the track free: In the event of a fall or when stopped, please leave the track.

Assistance: Everyone present is required to assist with accidents. Witnesses or persons involved must provide their personal details.

Times: Skiing on the trails is not permitted outside opening hours.

Own risk: Use of the ski track is at your own risk.
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All tickets (daily, weekly and season tickets for the areas and the entire Dolomiti NordicSki carousel) can be purchased on site at tourist offices and official points of sales (with surcharge on slopes).

Daily and weekly area tickets are also available for purchase online in some areas. More information is available on the area page.