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Circle Rein in Taufers / Riva di Tures  

Length: 16.0 km
Difference in height: 50 m
Location: Rein in Taufers/Riva di Tures
Description to arrive at destination

From Campo Tures / Sand in Taufers to the village Riva di Tures / Rein in Taufers. Car park and beginning of the track near the cross-country ski center at the beginning of the village.

General description

In Rein in Taufers / Riva di Tures there are different types of tracts. To be suited for everyone: amateurs or professionals, classic or freestyle. There are changing rooms and toilettes in the ski-center.

Tourist Information Sand in Taufers
Josef-Jungmann-Straße 8 39032-Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures
Phone: +39 0474 678076