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Open tracks

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06 Connection Lake of Dobbiaco/Toblach variant  

Length: 0.4 km
Altitude: 2 m
Place: Dobbiaco
General description

A fantastic experience of nature through the winter-wood at the south side of the Lake of Dobbiaco. This short variant is needed to connect the east bank with the west bank.

Route description

The short cross country track goes through the wood and is needed to complete the round track of the lake.

description to arrive at destination

How to reach Dobbiaco/Toblach: https://www.drei-zinnen.info/en/dobbiaco/dobbiaco/contact-and-service/arrival-mobility.html

From Dobbiaco in southern direction and further on to the district Säge/Segheria.

Tourist Info Dobbiaco/Toblach
Via Dolomiti 3 39034-Dobbiaco/Toblach
Phone: +39 0474 972132
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