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Open tracks

HERE you can find the official website of Auronzo-Misurina-Lorenzago!
Palùs - San Marco
The Fund Center of Palùs San Marco is located 15 kilometers from Auronzo, on the right going up towards Misurina, at an altitude of about 1,100 ...
Length: 12.0 km
Altitude: 200 m
Place: Auronzo di Cadore
Misurina, the "Pearl of the Dolomites", has two tracks: one easy from 4 kilometers and one difficult, with some technical ups and downs, of 9 ...
Length: 9.0 km
Place: Misurina
At altitudes of 1100 to 1800 metres the ski area is part of Dolomiti Nordiski (1300 km of circuits in the Dolomites with uniform prices for all 12 ...
The slope has lights
Length: 5.0 km
Altitude: 100 m
Place: Lorenzago
The indicated total sum of km of the individual areas is composed of the km of all cross-country ski runs listed hereunder.Due to round tracks and ski run overlappings some double-counting might occur, whereby the total sum of km will increase.
Those runs which are prepared for skating or classic cross-country skiing, won´t be double-counted.