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Open tracks

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Altitude slope on the Staller Sattel
This truncated and very challenging slope enables you to enjoy the wonderful pure natural surroundings. It starts at the turning bay for the ski bus ...
Length: 7.4 km
Place: Staller Sattel
The length of the cross-country track ist 13km, 5km of those can be prepared with artificial snow and 2 km are illumindated.
The cutting slope is open for 10 Km


The slope is prepared
The slope has lights
Length: 13.0 km
Place: Forni di Sopra
Slope Obersse
The Obersee slope, which is a circuit and is truncated starts at the place where the ski bus turns, proceeding to Staller Sattel. Along the banks of ...
Length: 4.5 km
Place: St. Jakob
01 Cross Country Stadio Track Dobbiaco/Toblach
This trail will be floodlit daily from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm from Christmas onwards. Demanding round-trip tours starting at the cross-country stadium in ...
Length: 1.4 km
Place: Dobbiaco
13 Cross Country Stadium Dobbiaco/Toblach - direction San Candido (connection to Sesto)
This cross country track is needed to connect Dobbiaco/Toblach with San Candido/Innichen and further on with Sesto/Sexten or Sillian.
Length: 2.3 km
Altitude: 19 m
Place: Dobbiaco
15 Innichen/San Candido Hotel Brandl - Vierschach/Versciaco
Sunny cross-country trail along the Drava to the Austrian border, flat trail, ideal for beginners. You can continue to Lienz (44 km) and return to ...
The slope is prepared
Length: 3.0 km
Altitude: 21 m
Place: San Candido
18a SEXTEN - Piano Val Fiscalina - Fondo Valle
Sesto has turned many a head with its unique mountain backdrop. It is important, however, not to assume that this village is all about appearances - ...
Length: 1.6 km
Altitude: 72 m
Place: Sexten/Sesto
11 Dobbiaco/Toblach: Round Vista Three Peaks
This loop trail near the icy Landro Lake, with the fabulous view of the imposing Three Peaks, is every cross-country skier’s dream come true.
Length: 2.8 km
Place: Dobbiaco
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The indicated total sum of km of the individual areas is composed of the km of all cross-country ski runs listed hereunder.Due to round tracks and ski run overlappings some double-counting might occur, whereby the total sum of km will increase.
Those runs which are prepared for skating or classic cross-country skiing, won´t be double-counted.   
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