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Open tracks

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01 Cross country stadium track Toblach/Dobbiaco
Demanding round-trip tours starting at the cross-country stadium in Toblach/Dobbiaco, often used as training tracks by various national cross-country ...
Length: 1.4 km
Location: Dobbiaco
13 Cross country stadium Toblach/Dobbiaco - direction San Candido (connection to Sexten/Sesto)
This cross country track is needed to connect Dobbiaco/Toblach with San Candido/Innichen and further on with Sesto/Sexten or Sillian.
Length: 2.3 km
Difference in height: 19 m
Location: Dobbiaco
15 Innichen/San Candido Hotel Brandl - Vierschach/Versciaco
Sunny cross-country trail along the Drava to Vierschach/Versciaco, flat trail, ideal for beginners.
Length: 3.0 km
Difference in height: 21 m
Location: San Candido
17a SEXTEN - Waldheim - Mühlenhof
Starting from "Waldheim", you reach the Mühlenhof along the Sextenbach river, under the feet of the Sesto Sundial. This cross-country trail is the ...
Length: 1.8 km
Difference in height: 42 m
Location: Sesto
17b SEXTEN - Mühlenhof - Piano Fiscalina
Starting from Mühlenhof, you reach the Fischleinboden hut along the Sesto river, under the feet of the Sesto Sundial. This cross-country trail is the ...
Length: 1.8 km
Difference in height: 88 m
Location: Sesto
16b SEXTEN - Schmieden Ferrara - Waldheim
Starting from "Schmieden", a small suburb of Sexten, this slope leads through the forest along the Sextnerbach river to the "Waldheim" zone.  This ...
Length: 2.4 km
Difference in height: 45 m
Location: Sesto
11 Toblach/Dobbiaco: Round Val Fonda
This is a very quiet trail amidst untouched nature!
Length: 2.1 km
Location: Dobbiaco
19 SEXTEN - Circuito Prato Larici
The "Circuito Prato larici" is a challenging trail with a length of approx. 3.5 km. The trail is located in the middle of our larch forests in the ...
Length: 4.1 km
Location: Sesto
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The indicated total sum of km of the individual areas is composed of the km of all cross-country ski runs listed hereunder.Due to round tracks and ski run overlappings some double-counting might occur, whereby the total sum of km will increase.
Those runs which are prepared for skating or classic cross-country skiing, won´t be double-counted.   
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