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Dolomiti Nordicski Hospitality – certified quality

Cross-country hotels in the Dolomites

Dolomiti Nordicsci Hotels ...

Most of the hosts of the DNS Hotels - Dolomiti Nordicski Hotels are passionate cross-country skiers. Therefore, they do not only know the requirements and wishes of cross-country skiers, but also the most wonderful tracks in the Dolomites and have the best insiders' tips. Here you are in the best of hands!

In order to guarantee the quality in all member hotels, the hosts of the Dolomiti Nordicski Hotels adhere to agreed quality standards. The criteria are regularly checked by independent experts.

Quality services of the Dolomiti Nordicski Hotels:
  1. The accommodation is located in the vicinity of the tracks (300 m) or there is a direct shuttle service to the cross-country tracks.
  2. A "Dolomiti Nordicski" information point offers all the relevant information on tracks, weather forecasts, air temperature, snow conditions, and more. Furthermore, track maps and information brochures are available.
  3. Part of the equipment is a ski rooms, a "ski service" table with ski retaining system, maintenance equipment, ski cleansing sets, and more. 
  4. Guests enjoy sports nutrition with low-carb dishes (sports menus)
  5. Energy packs (power snacks) are available
  6. Ticket sale in the hotel as a service for guests 
  7. Special offers for cross-country skiers are available
Enjoy your stay in the Dolomiti Nordicski accommodations and your holidays in the largest cross-country skiing carousel with about 1,300 km of tracks!
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